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Attend to Achieve

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Most parents want their children to succeed – a good education is vital in securing opportunities in adulthood. If a school can improve attendance by 1%, they will see a 5-6% improvement in attainment (Department for Education).

Please help us and your child by ensuring their attendance remains above 95%, allowing them to achieve their potential.

Does 90% attendance sound good?
Maybe, but that missing 10% actually means half a day missed every week. No employer would be happy with that!

The Department for Education research suggests that 17 missed school days a year can mean a whole GCSE grade DROP in achievement.  The greater the attendance the greater the achievement. That’s a fact!

We need to know
Whenever a child is absent from school the parent should on the first day of absence contact the school with an explanation.  We need to know as soon as possible.

To report your child’s absence please either call the College or complete the Illness and Absence Form.attendence-graph

Occasional Absence
Occasional school absence can rapidly build up. Try to stay strict on even infrequent absence, and show your child that attending school is a priority.

You Are Not Alone
Talk to us, we may be able to help support you and your child.

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