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School Leaving Age

Raising the Participation Age – was your child born on or after 1st September 1996?
From September 2015  all young people will be expected to stay in some form of learning until at least his/her 18th birthday, or achieve a Level 3 qualification such as 2 A-levels or similar.This is referred to as ‘Raising the Participation Age’ or RPA.

What does this mean for your son or daughter?
They may decide to stay on in Full-time education e.g., school sixth form, further education college, sixth form college, training provider, special school (including independent specialist provision for those with significant disabilities and learning difficulties), or home education* . Those who have been absent from learning for some reason before they were 16 may also return into full-time education.

If they do not want to stay on at school there are a range of other options. These are:

 Why should your son or daughter take part in this?
Your child will have better job prospects and the potential for higher earnings over their lifetime. For example, getting a Level 3 Apprenticeship increases earnings by an estimated £105,000 and a Level 2 Apprenticeship by £73,000. Continuing and achieving in further learning will prepare your child with the skills needed for the world of work, helping them to compete where unskilled work opportunities are decreasing.

Further information
For further information about Raising the Participation Age and the various learning options visit:

Raising the Participation Age – Briefing for Young People

You can find out more about the RPA strategy for Berkshire, produced by the Raising Participation Partnership, here.

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