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FC 001 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

FC 002 Whistle Blowing Policy

FC 003 Physical Intervention Policy

FC 004 SEND and Local Offer

FC 005 HRE – SRE Policy

FC 007 Data Protection Policy

FC 008 Anti Bullying Policy

FC 009 Relationship / Behaviour Policy

FC 010 Assessment Policy

FC 011 Curriculum Policy and Statements

FC 012 Attendance Policy

FC 013 Illegal Drugs and Drugs Education Policy

FC 014 Equal Opportunities Policy

FC 016 Grievance Policy 

FC 017 Appraisal and Capability Policy

FC 019 Managing Health and Safety Policy

FC 020 Fire Safety and Evacuation Policy

FC 021 Referral Policy

FC 023 Code of Conduct and Personal Behaviour Policy

FC 025 Recruitment and Selection Policy

FC 027 Disciplinary Policy

FC 033 Administration of Medicines and Support for Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

FC 038 Accessibility Plan

FC 039 Complaints Policy

FC 044 LAC Policy

FC 045 Pupil Premium Policy

FC 047 British Values Statement

FC 051 Home Tuition and Target Intervention Policy

FC 054 Home to School Transport Policy