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 art & craft – Your Creative Journey Could Re-ignite Here!

Art & Craft students have flexibility and freedom for personal expression.  Mistakes are embraced, personalities celebrated.  Being creative rests the mind, promoting better mental and physical health.  There is much to be said for taking time out to scribble a simple doodle, or to dip one’s hands into cold soft clay. You can find out which AQA Awards are available here.  


At Foundry College the pupils who attend have the opportunity to access a range of different academic PE courses – the majority of pupils will follow the NCFE level course so that they leave Foundry College with a recognised qualification in PE. Those pupils who arrive at Foundry College who have already been following a specific exam board or qualification are able to continue their studies to give them the best chance to achieve their intended outcomes.


Our school is committed to providing a well-rounded education that includes practical skills, and the NCFE and AQA unit award qualifications in food and cookery are an integral part of our vocational curriculum.

These qualifications are designed to provide students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills required for success in a range of food preparation and cooking roles. It covers a wide range of topics including food safety and hygiene, cooking methods, culinary techniques and menu planning. Students will have the opportunity to develop their practical skills in food preparation and cooking, as well as their understanding of the principles of nutrition and healthy eating.


Occupational Studies for the Workplace is tailor-made for young people interested in exploring the idea of a vocational career. It provides the opportunity for pupils to gain experience and build practical skills in a wide range of occupational areas. The course of study is particularly well suited to those pupils who are less interested in an academic path and can lead to Level 1 or Level 2 qualifications from NCFE and AQA at the end of Year 11.  As a result of the many successes we have seen, we have invested heavily in this area of the curriculum over recent years.  We now have a dedicated classroom and large purpose-built workshop appointed with industry quality tools and equipment.  During their time with us, pupils build a highly visual portfolio tracking their skill development over time which can be used to support them with their onward journey after they leave us.

The range of subjects that can be included is very large and includes many aspects of construction such as Plumbing, Woodworking, Plastering and Bricklaying.  A range of Horticulture based units are also available as are units with a focus on physical fitness, catering, health & beauty and furniture making, options which are generally not available in mainstream schools. At Foundry College we will always try to adapt and develop the course to meet the individual interests, needs and abilities of all our pupils.  This approach means that pupils who have struggled to engage in mainstream school can often start rebuilding healthy working relationships with teaching professionals and can begin to find a renewed meaning and purpose to their education and a sense of direction for the future.





































Ofsted commented;

“You care deeply about the pupils and are determined to make sure that your school provides the nurturing environment that they need.”

“Pupils are happy at your school, they say that there is always someone to talk to and that their views are valued. Parents and carers praise the improvements in their children’s behaviour and attitudes to learning.”

“You and your team are acutely aware of the importance of ensuring that every pupil is safeguarded from harm.”

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