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Referral Policy and Process

Pupils supported at Foundry College

Core Purpose

Education of pupils whose medical needs or vulnerability interrupt their access to full-time education in school

Support is provided for all pupils who are unable to attend school because of medical needs, both those who are physically ill or injured and those with mental health problems including anxieties, depression, school phobia, separation anxiety and school refusal.  In addition support is also provided to pregnant school girls, teenage parents and pupils where family / home issues lead to add or emotional difficulties which in turn create a barrier to a pupil accessing full-time education in school.

These places are commissioned by Wokingham Borough Council and schools will be required to refer directly to Foundry College for support.  Further information of the provision of education for medically unwell pupils may be found at

Education of pupils who have been permanently excluded from school

Foundry College will actively work within the Fair Access Protocol to provide and support transition back to mainstream school or occasionally onto a special school.

Pupils will be referred directly from Wokingham Borough Council to the College via the notification of permanent exclusion paperwork. The College will make arrangements for the continuity of education by agreeing a start date within 6 days of receipt of the exclusion paperwork from the appropriate officer of the Local Authority.

Additional Pupils supported at Foundry College

Foundry College aims to support additional pupils who need additional support over and above what is available in mainstream schools in order to fulfil their potential.  We aim to be as flexible as possible within the physical capacity of the College.

Referrals may be made for pupils where there is demonstrable evidence of one or more of the following:-

* [‘Managed Move’ means where a pupil has transferred from one mainstream school to another through a co-ordinated process involving consideration of their circumstances by a Fair Access Protocol Panel or something similar]

Referral criteria and process for Foundry College (for those not permanently excluded)

Successful referrals to Foundry College are most likely where the following criteria are met for a particular pupil:

Referrals will be managed within 10 working days of receipt and will be followed up with a personal meeting.  The meeting will aim to be solution focused and will work with schools to ensure that the referral is appropriate.  Together we will establish the exact nature of concern and the needs of the young person.

For pupils unable to attend school for mental health reasons linked to depression, anxiety or phobia, referrals should also include advice from the Education Welfare Service and CAMHS.  Other medical advice may also be considered although Foundry College reserves the right to confirm this through CAMHS.  All advice should focus on the extent of the learner’s condition and their overall capabilities.

All referrals will be considered carefully by Foundry College on their individual merit.  The College reserves the right to seek additional information from appropriate agencies in the consideration of any referral.

The College will consider the following factors when determining whether to admit the pupil:

The decision about whether to admit a pupil to Foundry College will be made by the Headteacher or their authorised representative.  The decision, and the reasons for it, will be provided in writing to the commissioner.

For full details see FC 021 Referral Policy

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